Creative Learning Design

Week 6 Homework

Due Tuesday, June 26


Group Work

Continue working on your group project. By this point, you should be close to completion.

Weekly Individual Progress Report

Once again, document your individual contributions. In a few slides in your Design Journal please respond to the following questions:

  • What did you do? How many hours did you think it would take? How many hours did it actually take?
  • What new resources/design inspirations did you find?
  • What were barriers? When you got stuck, what strategies did you use to break out?
  • In general, what did you learn this week?
  • What are you curious to learn more about?

Due Thursday, June 28


First, finish your Design Journal. Fill in any assignments you may have missed from earlier in the semester.

Second, work with your group and finish your team project.

Finally, complete your presentation for your team project. Similar to the previous presentation, you will have about ten minutes to present and ten minutes for class discussion. You can organize your slides in any way you would like, but please cover all of the material in the following format:

  • Section 1 - Project Overview. What is the challenge as you see it? What is your idea to solve that challenge?
  • Section 2 - Persona(s). Describe who you are designing for. Make sure to include a name/bio. What is their story/needs? Did anything about your persona(s) change since the last presentation?
  • Section 3 - Experience Design Sequence. What is the attraction, engagement, and conclusion? (Check out slide 9 in the first day’s presentation for examples of experience design sequences.)
  • Section 4 - Connecting Your Design with Your User. Go more in depth and connect your experience design sequence with your persona(s). What does your user already know and what are they able to do before you provide them with your experience? What should they know/be able to do after? How might you observe/measure the success of your experience?
  • Section 5 - What You Built. At this point, you may wish to show off a demo/video/detailed description of what you built over the last couple weeks.
  • Section 6 - User Testing. If you were able to test your idea or receive feedback from your client, what did you learn? If you were not, describe how you might test your experience.
  • Section 7 - Next Steps. What comes next? What remaining development is necessary to make your project a reality? What questions do you have now?

Due Sunday, July 1st at 11:59pm

Include your final paper in the Reflection Papers folder in the Course Drive.

From the syllabus: Reflecting on and synthesizing your individual work and learning throughout this class, you will create a 3-5 page reflective essay (supplemented with media, citations, and references to your group project where appropriate) documenting the design, learning, teaching, and reflective growth processes experienced throughout this course. Your essay should address the practical strategies and implications you plan on taking into your future design and/or education work and the personal the “ah ha!” moments you experienced in this course. Alternative, creative formats for this project are welcome!

Note that we reduced the page count from the syllabus from 2500 words to 3–5 pages. ***