Creative Learning Design

Week 1 Homework

Due Tuesday, May 22:

Please fill out the introductory course survey.

Due Thursday, May 24:



  1. Make a new Google slide deck titled with your name in the Student Design Journal Folder and create a cover page. This is your Design Journal where you will document your work throughout the course. Get creative in picking colors, fonts and images! Your instructor has provided an example for this week’s assignments.
  2. Post the “Lego Home” and portrait you made.
  3. Find a Youtube video with a song you enjoy. Then, use the aQWERTYon to perform with it finding a suitable instrument and key. Document your process in your Design Journal. What was easy? What was hard? Include screenshots and pictures. We will all perform for each other on Thursday!
  4. Brainstorm three ideas for a Scratch+Music Project. List them with a brief description, and/or maybe a sketch in your Design Journal. Don’t feel like you have to commit to any idea or that they have to be brilliant. We care more about quantity than quality here!